Innovative administrators use GymDandy. Let's spend more time playing and less time planning.




Let your customers do the work for you.  Customers can research and filter the spaces you have available to reduce inquiries. When a booking is requested all of the customer information is already entered into the system. When you approve the booking everything transfers to your calendars and setup work lists seamlessly.

 Efficient Communication 

Communication between you and the customer can be done entirely through the platform. Conversations, requests and bookings are shared between all of your team members to ensure you are always on the same page.  

 seamless process 

Everything can be done online. Customers request a booking based on pre-determined available inventory that you specify eliminating double bookings. Once you approve a booking request we collect the payment – no more invoice creation or chasing down payments. When weather doesn’t cooperate cancellations are done easily and refunds generated automatically.

 full cycle 

Enhanced management of every step of the booking cycle. Space information, pricing and availability are easy to use and can be changed at any time. You determine who has access to what and can deny any rental that comes in that doesn’t meet your internal criteria. Manage the setup of spaces and create reports to better represent usage and revenue.

 safe and secure 

Insurance can be bundled with external paid rentals ensuring your facility will be protected. Full details of events that are requesting booking and profile information of external renters is available for you to view before you approve.

 power users love it 

You can create and manage groups within the platform to make life easy for your power users. Groups can be given priority on availability, discounts and more. Your power users can track their space usage inside the platform and even give access to their coaches to book practice times.


Give your space the credit it deserves, show it off on GymDandy. Listings allow you to highlight your space and increase the stickiness of it in search results. We hustle to help increase traffic to listings and booking interest.

 Increase activity 

Whether your goal is engagement or revenue, GymDandy delivers. The ease of the platform will increase interest in utilizing available spaces. Our pricing tools can help move your hardest to sell inventory. Go above and beyond the usage fee and create space add-ons to charge for equipment, field prep, permits, lessons and more.


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